Yoke: Social Dating Site Takes Facebook Info To Create Your Profile

Taking the agonising ‘creativity’ out of creating an online dating profile

You’ve got heaps of friends on Facebook.  If only you had as many dating options.

Thanks to Yoke, now you do.

Considering delving into the world of online dating?  Lucky for you, there’s no need to agonise over a profile, over the creativity with which it is constructed.  No worrying about how much of said “creativity” may be called into question or exposed at some point.

Yoke takes your Facebook profile data and compiles a simple profile for you, including your likes, interests and basic personal information.  Yoke also links potential matches on other personal data like educational institutions attended, workplace links, and friends networks.

Essentially, it is an effortless registration and search for potential matches.

Essentially, it has the potential to create some awkward situations, as users are matched with Facebook friends of friends who unwittingly list themselves as “Single” on Facebook…but may not be interested in dating.  Or, perhaps just not interested in dating the person Yoke connects them with.

And therein lies the biggest potential issue at this early stage – there are no clear measures to ensure that other Facebook users, connected to the Yoke member via any number of “degrees of separation”, consent to being included in the Yoke search process.  Any number of unwitting Facebookers may find themselves suddenly on the radar of virtual (and literal) strangers, simply because they are friends with someone who once worked with the user.

Think of all your Facebook friends, and their friends, and their friends’ friends.  That’s a whole lot of potential dates, but also a whole lot of potential drama.

The concept of an online dating site that uses Facebook connections to source potential matches is clever, and some would say the next logical progression in the combination of online dating and Social Media.  But there needs to be some sort of safe guard for Facebook users who do not want their profile (visible or private) included in an online dating site’s search results.

Fingers crossed that the lonely Virgo who enjoys long walks on the beach, finds the perfect Scorpio who loves hiking and old movies, and not the Libra who is paranoid about their privacy and horrified at the thought of coming up on an online dating site’s radar.

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