Why they’re not following you on Twitter

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Why they’re not Following you on Twitter..

Are you one of the many in a never-ending quest to boost your Twitter followers?  Do you want to know why people aren’t following you back?

Here are just some of the reasons why, and tips on how to improve your Follower numbers.

The egg

Ditch the egg and put up a profile pic.  This is essential if you’re a brand trying to establish your online presence.  Also helpful when new to Twitter and trying to convince people you’re not a spambot.

No bio

Blank biography screams spambot.  Make sure you have one.  It should be a statement about you, so people know what to expect from your Tweet’s – be it humour, news, product-specific or subject-specific tweets.  People want to know what you’re about before they’ll follow you back.

Feed full of self-promotion

There’s nothing wrong with tweeting when you write a new blog post, but don’t limit your Tweet’s to that.  People subscribe to your blog if they want to know the second you post something new.  They follow you on Twitter for interaction, not broadcasting or self-promotion.

No interaction

Engagement is key.  Similar to the last point, followers want interaction.  Talk to people, mention them, have conversations – don’t just post random comments or self-promoting tweets.


They may be inspirational, funny, or strike a chord with you.  But they are not engaging, and they don’t promote interaction.  Eventually, followers will stop following if all you’re doing is filling their feed with quotes.

When was your last Tweet?

If you can’t remember when your last Tweet was, or what it contained, chances are nobody else will either.  The fastest way to get unfollowed.  Keep it consistent.

Compulsive Tweeting and TMI

The exact opposite to the previous point.  Nobody wants to know that you’re stuck in traffic, contemplating a change of hair colour, feeling cold, or bored at work – not every single day.  Make your Tweets count and make them interesting, otherwise this will also be the fastest way to find yourself unfollowed.

13 reasons why you didn’t get followed back

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  1. rashas

    it would appear this blog was created just to cover this very subject. http://bit.ly/tC3Kp1 (Snakes Vs Sharks – Why I’m not following you back on twitter)

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