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Social Media in 2012:

As Social Media expands and receives more recognition as the marketing and customer engagement tool that it is, many experts are scrambling to make their predictions on where it will all head in 2012, and what impact it will have on our lives this year.

Here’s a summary of one of the many lists predicting the impact and importance of Social Media this year:

Social Media will take up a prominent place on Corporation websites.

Social Media is fast becoming the communication tool of choice for customers and consumers.  Corporations will further recognise this and act accordingly, by making their Social Media links and tools more open and apparent to their customers.  Put down the phone, step away from the email.

Social Media funding to grow

Tying in with the previous prediction, the corporate world will put their money into Social Media campaigns and strategies.  From creating advertising and marketing campaigns around Social Media, to setting up new accounts and strategies for specific brands and products.

Social Media usage on Mobile devices will increase

It’s the age of the Smart Phone.  Social Media platforms have jumped on board and created mobile apps, and in some cases, these are becoming more popular than their web-based counterparts.

Getting personal online and finding support

Dubbed “viral support”, you’re no longer limited to the support groups in your area.  Now you can simply go online and choose between the various Facebook Groups, online forums and the like.  Giving people affected by situations, diseases and experiences the opportunity to connect with others in similar situations across the globe.

Election campaigns to focus on Social Media

This has already started in the United States where online campaigning has become prominent in recent years, and it is expected to spread across the globe.  Political planners and strategists are treating the likes of Twitter as powerful (and free) methods of connecting with the masses.

Facebook will surpass 1 billion users

It’s no wonder politics is becoming Social.  This year will see more than 1 billion people actively using Facebook.  That’s one impressive global audience.  Most of the growth is expected to come from countries with populations over 20 million, and current Facebook usage below 20%.

Social Media : What to expect in 2012


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