Twitter verification fail: The real Rupert Murdoch & fake Wendi Deng

Twitter verification #fail

Oh Twitter, you’re making me dizzy!

First Salman Rushdie had to do everything but provide a DNA sample to prove his identity.

Now, Wendi Deng, the mean left hook toting wife of Rupert Murdoch, hasn’t had to do…well…anything at all, to prove her identity.  As made apparent by a fake Wendi being certified as the real deal.

So certified, in fact, that faux Wendi even managed to convince her husband to remove an insulting Tweet.

They’re obviously a close couple, if a faux wife can Tweet him and he doesn’t know the difference, and still doesn’t realise until the media brings it to his attention and fake Wendi goes so far as to Tweet her admissions of illegitimacy.

To be fair, Rupert himself only joined Twitter on New Year’s Eve, so he’s probably still learning the ropes.  Here’s hoping he doesn’t do a Charlie Sheen and public tweet any sweet nothings intended as private DM’s for Wendi.  The real one, not the fake one.

News Corporation themselves had originally confirmed the account was legitimate, after Twitter’s people did their thing to allegedly verify the account.

It begs the question – how secure and thorough is Twitter’s verification process?

And how long before people start trying to claim accounts as other celebrities, politicians, athletes and the like?

Twitter admits verifying fake @Wendi_Deng was a mistake

In other news….

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