On Twitter: To mute or not to mute? That is the question. Or rather, the concept.

On Twitter: To mute or not to mute?  That is the question.  Or rather, the concept.

Twitter needs a Mute button.

Gasp, reel in shock, take that statement as you will.

Then calm down and think about it, and you know what, it’s true.

How good would it be to have a magical Mute button on Twitter, for those times when the ever updating feed is getting the better of you?

What about for those times that the celebrities you follow fill your feed with irritating product endorsements?

Or when people you follow are out having a fabulous time, or away enjoying a tropical holiday – and you’re being bombarded with endless Tweet pics of their fabulous time while you’re…not out getting your drink on, not sipping cocktails on a tropical island.

Or that one annoying friend who you couldn’t possibly un-follow, who doesn’t shut up with the inane and irrelevant Tweets.

Tell me a Mute button affording you a few minutes solace to simply blank any and all of that out of your feed doesn’t sound blissful?

The concept sounds great.  Click on a user your follow and Twitter pops up with the option to mute them for a set period of time.  Hours, days, you choose.  So you’re not committing the Social sin of un-following them.  You’re not risking the fall out and the wrath of a hurt friend.  It’s just time for some quiet, and the recipient needs be none the wiser.

Of course, the flip side is that you yourself could be Tweeting away, blissfully unaware that X number of your own Followers have hit the Mute button on you.

But do you really care?  Ignorance is bliss, right?

Twitter needs a Mute button

In other news….

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  1. I’d pay money for it!

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