Tumblr : How “Just Another Start-up” Became a Social Media Super Star

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Tumblr’s meteoric rise

Tumblr is a virtual toddler in the Social Media world, having been in existence for just over 4 years.  However, what was “just another start-up” has become a micro blogging sensation.

The company has seen growth of over 900% in the past year alone.  What was once considered its superior, WordPress, is now overshadowed by Tumblr as a blogging platform of choice.

Tumblr currently boasts over 33 million users.  And they’re loyal, accounting for almost half of the sites total visits each month.

Those 33 million users have written more than 12 billion posts to date, at a rate of 38,000 posts per minute, all supported in eight languages.

Australia ranks 7th in the top 10 countries using Tumblr.  Not surprisingly, the United States ranks highest, with Brazil and the UK rounding out the top three.

The numbers and statistics are impressive.  So too are the dollars.  The company started with just $750,000 in October 2007, and is now estimated to be worth $800 million, just over four years later.

As a social networking medium, Tumblr is as proactive as they come, hosting 300 meet ups per month.  That’s roughly 9,000 members each month, getting together to talk Social Media.

The rapid rise of Tumblr

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