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With the meteoric growth of Social Media platforms as marketing tools, most companies have or are in the processing of setting up a Facebook page and a Twitter account.

However, for almost 79% of these companies, that alone is not enough.  It’s one thing to have an account, but another to actively utilise it and assume a Social Media presence for your brand.

The key is to “think social”.

The average Social Media user mentions and engages in discussion regarding consumer products and brands over 90 times each week.  That’s a lot of brand exposure and potential word-of-mouth advertising.

Facebook, Twitter, blogs and customer reviews are the most effective in encouraging and promoting brands online.

Hardly surprising, considering Facebook is now the most visited site in the world.  As recently as four years ago, it didn’t even make the top 10.

In this context, to “think social” is to actively afford your Facebook Page the time and consideration that such a powerful marketing tool deserves.  Don’t be one of those companies that assume it’s enough to simply set up a page, and hope that customers will follow because they know of your brand, or once bought your product.

Engage and communicate with your Followers.  Not only does it promote interaction with your customers, it also gets them talking about your brand through their various social media platforms, thus providing you with that all important social media presence.

Is Social Media really that important to your brand?

Absolutely.  It is estimated that, by 2014, 53% of all retail sales (both online and offline) will be significantly influenced by online presence (consumer research, reviews, social media presence and online campaigns).

5 ways your business can benefit from “thinking social”

  • Understand your target Social Media audience
  • Improve media planning
  • Understand social media payback within the overall marketing mix
  • Enhance online customer service and interaction
  • Implement more effective communication strategies

The Business of Social Media

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