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How to keep them happy and liking you on Facebook

As everyone gets angsty over the new Facebook Timeline pushing status updates out of users’ feeds faster than ever before, engaging with and maintaining your Likers is more important than ever.


Engagement is the obvious key to keeping people interested, and ensuring you remain in their feed, their mind, and their favour.

Ask questions to promote interaction with, and between, your followers.  It doesn’t have to be deep and meaningful.  In fact, often the mundane or funny will garner more responses.

Always respond when a follower comments or asks a question.  If they feel like there’s nobody listening because you never reply, it doesn’t matter how witty or interesting your status updates and posts are, they’ll stop following.

Make it relatable, even personal.  There’s nothing wrong with posting about yourself (as long as you don’t make it all about you, all the time).  Making it relatable gives it authenticity.  Sprouting quotes can seem wise and intelligent, but it can also be boring and irrelevant.

Consistency is key.  Make sure you are posting regularly.  There are many reports available (including the Insights facility on your Facebook page), which show peak traffic times based on interactions, comments and likes.  Make sure you’re posting when they’re listening.

Cross-promote, and just promote in general

It seems obvious, but there are still a number of pages that aren’t doing it.  Cross-promote your Facebook page with your Twitter account, your website, your LinkedIn, your YouTube –every Social Media account you hold.  Show your Followers how you’re conquering Social Media and engaging with them, and enlighten those who already follow you on other platforms that weren’t aware of your Facebook page.

Hosting a giveaway or a special is an excellent way to gain and maintain Followers.  Everyone loves a competition, likewise a special Facebook-only offer.  Likewise, exclusive details of a new product or an upcoming event, or a heads-up for an upcoming sale – anything they can’t get elsewhere that is of benefit to them.  Reward them for following, make them feel valued, and give them a reason to keep following

10 ways to keep your Facebook Fans following you

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