Are we becoming Socially anti-social?

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Are we becoming Socially anti-social?

We all love sharing the big things on Social networking sites.

Be it a passive birthday Tweet to remind everyone to wish you a happy birthday; or a holiday snap uploaded to Facebook, to let everyone know where you are and they’re not.  We’re big on sharing our life with everyone in our extended online circle.

The problem is, how much are we missing IRL while busy posting and uploading about it all?

A recent poll suggests that almost a quarter of those surveyed missed significant life events because they were too busy posting about them online.

This article, and the related survey, are not setting out to down Social Networks and their integration into our everyday lives.  One of the positives highlighted by the survey results was that over 80 percent of respondents used platforms like Twitter and Facebook to make new friends, and 25 percent said their usage and interactions on such sites boosted their confidence.

But back to the anti-social theme of the Social Media survey….

Almost 40 percent of those surveyed admitted spending more time socialising online than in person.  In the US, respondents spent so much time using Facebook on mobile devices, that they were inevitably ‘dropping the ball’ in other areas of their life – driving, working, significant life events.

Think back to how many times you’ve seen someone scanning Facebook while their child is playing in the park, they’re at a meeting or attending a lecture, at concerts, movies, the theatre; while out with friends supposedly socialising face-to-face and not via Facebook.

How many of us have Tweeted to a colleague or friend instead of calling them?

And that’s where comes in with an Infographic on the long term effects of too much Social Media.  Specifically, how focussing on online relationships and socialising can affect our real life, actual human contact type relationships.

And if you’re thinking “oh that’s only in America….” – Australia came in third for average amount of time spent on Facebook no any given day.

So, while this article isn’t branding Social Media as bad for our social lives, it is a reminder or a warning of sorts, to keep it all in perspective.

So I guess what they’re saying is get off of Facebook and Twitter and head on over to eBay instead, okay?

Is Social Media making us anti-social?

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