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Australia’s Social Media winners and losers in October – statistically speaking

Social Media News has released Australia’s monthly Social Media statistics for October.

The winners:

  • Not surprisingly, Facebook’s growth in Australia has continued, with over 30,000 new users registered.
  • LinkedIn saw a big surge in users
  • Australian visitors to Twitter increased significantly
  • Reddit also saw a large jump in new users
  • Foursquare saw a steady increase, as with previous months

Those less fortunate:

  • MySpace did as expected and suffered a drop in Australian users.  This drop in users is expected to continue.
  • Google Plus, somewhat surprisingly, suffered a drop of more than 100,000 users.  This has possibly been attributed to Google’s own reporting system being put in place this month, providing more accurate user data than third party sites that had been used in previous months.

Social Media Statistics Australia – October 2011

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