Social Media Good Samaritans: Helping your fellow social media users

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Social Media Good Samaritans

Giving is good, and Social Media has made acts of kindness both global and simple.

Whether you Like a charity on Facebook, participate in a Twitter re-Tweet campaign, or write a blog post – it all helps, and none of it costs money or takes much time and effort on your part.

But this article isn’t about being charitable in the donating to a worthy cause sense.  This article is about being charitable to other Social Media users.


Here’s a few of the different types of Social Media Good Samaritans:

    1. The Charity Liker

      A friend posts a status update that is intended to be disarmingly witty, but is perhaps more bewildering or just not so funny.  Nobody comments, likes or shares.  The Charity Liker will not only like the comment, but also respond – just so their friend knows it’s been read, acknowledged, and their comedic efforts are appreciated.
    2. The Alerter

      Particularly handy after a big night, when you’re sleeping it off and one of your Friends has already hit Facebook to post the ‘evidence pics’, and tags you in a less than flattering photo.  Whether you’ve got bits hanging out where they shouldn’t be, or you appear to have grown a few chins – The Alerter won’t laugh, share, or comment.  Instead they’ll quickly email you and let you know, because clearly you’re not aware of the embarrassment yet.
    3. The Endorser

      You’ve just started a blog, you’ve finally joined Twitter, you’re starting to post clips to YouTube for the first time.  The Endorser is your best friend when it comes to promoting you and bringing the Followers.  No need for bare faced and shameless self-promotion to get the Followers, subscribers and hits, because The Endorser will do all that for you.  And you won’t even have to ask.


    How to be a Good Samaritan in the 21st century

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