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We previously posted about how a pair of UK tourists’ Twitter jokes didn’t go down too well over in the US, resulting in them being sent home within hours of arriving in the US.

Keen to ensure you don’t end up in a similar predicament, should you find yourself jetting over to the USA?  Then read on, because The Electronic Privacy Information Centre has obtained an extensive list of Twitter key words monitored by the US Department of Homeland Security.

It took The EPIC filing an epic lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act to obtain the 285 page document, including the extensive list of hundreds of key words being monitored, and also details of an $11 million payment to General Dynamics in return for producing regular reports on internet surveillance for the Department of Homeland Security.

Think you couldn’t possibly be Tweeting anything worthy of their attention?

Think again.

The list of keywords is so extensive, that even a meaningless Tweet about recovering from a flu or feeling sick, or being irritated at the airport (due to delay or queue’s or outrageously priced snacks and magazines) – all contain keywords that would show up on the DHS radar.

But don’t panic.  They’re probably far too busy to focus on your head cold that has you feeling toxic and worried about being contagious and spreading the viral germs while getting irritated at the airport queue…

Because they’re not only monitoring Twitter, but also Facebook and other Social Media platforms.  And they’re monitoring the term “social media”.  So it’s probably safe to assume that almost everyone has appeared on their reports at some point or another, between Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, My Space (yeah…they’re probably persevering with that one even though it’s pretty scarcely populated these days) and any other web site that mentions the term “social media”.

Social media, social media, social media.

I wonder if they’re monitoring the term Justin Bieber?  Because that in itself should be considered a potential threat to humanity, right?

Homeland Security is tracking 100’s of Keywords on Twitter. Are you being targeted?

In other news….

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