RPatz’s #1 Fan on YouTube re: Kristen’s cheating

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RPatz’s #1 Fan on YouTube re: Kristen’s cheating…and it’s not Chris Crocker this time.  Although it could possibly be his sister?

Remember Chris Crocker taking to YouTube with his heartfelt plea for all of yall to back offa Britney?

Rest easy – he’s not back.


He does have competition though, in the form of British woman Emma Clark, who has come out in support of poor Robert Pattinson, following Kristen Stewart’s admission that she cheated on him.

The YouTube clip ranges from ranty to weepy and everything in-between, peppered with the f-bomb and tears and other such dramatics.

Clark is obviously a Twihard, as she doesn’t quite sum up the same level of emotion in her performance as Spears lovin Crocker did in his.

It smacks of irony, as Clark begs, threatens and warns the interverse to leave Rob and Kristen alone (she’s totes on first name terms with them).  She pleads for privacy and for everyone to just back off – via her YouTube clip that has been picked up by The Huffington Post, amongst other international media outlets, and will likely go viral by the end of the weekend.

Personally, I’d love to see a duet.  Clark gives ups to Crocker in her clip, saying:

“At the risk of sounding like Chris Crocker, if you don’t [leave them alone], you’ll have to go through me!


I want to know when Clark and Crocker are going to team up as “Team Clacker” to fight for other controversial and much maligned celebs – maybe a Kardashian a week to start with?

Emma Clark, emotional ‘Twilight’ fan, cries ‘How could you do this Kristen Stewart?’

In other news….

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