Rainn Wilson Loses $12K Endorsement Deal After Twitter Faux Pas

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How to lose $12K in 140 Characters or less

The Office (US) star Rainn Wilson has committed a Twitter faux pas, proving that all celebrities need an advisor to handle their Tweets – not just Charlie Sheen.

Wilson sent a public Tweet to his assistant Joanne, detailing his dislike of a product he was being asked to endorse, along with his $12K fee to do the endorsement.

This was followed almost immediately by another Tweet asking his more than 2.6 million followers to disregard the previous Tweet.

Wishful thinking…

Then followed another Tweet of glowing endorsement for the product he had dissed, not 5 minutes earlier.

I’m wondering if the organisation came through with his $12K in that 5 minutes, or he genuinely needs some serious Twitter tutorial training to understand that his original Tweet hadn’t disappeared simply because he willed it to and asked nicely for everyone to ignore it.

Either way, I think it’s safe to say that the company in question got their $12K value out of him.

Rainn Wilson caught in $12K Tweet for Pay? [Viral Embarrassment]

In other news….

And just for fun, since it’s Friday….the #2 most watched You Tube video of all time.

Not #1 because that involves a toddler and a baby and isn’t really as fun or entertaining as this one, in my humble opinion

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  1. Brenden

    Wow, way to miss the satire.


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