NBA fine for DM gone public

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NBA fine for DM gone public

Celebrities are busted for poor behaviour on Social Media platforms all the time.

From ranty Tweets to inappropriate posts and belligerent status updates – we’ve seen it all before.

But what happens when a private interaction lands them in just as much hot water?

NBA player Amar’e Stoudemire can tell you.

Stoudemire received a Direct Message from a Twitter Follower.  The fan suggested he might want to step up his game next year, to make up for his efforts this past season.


Rather than biting his tongue, Stoudemire’s response was brief and to the point, leaving the recipient in no doubt as to how his DM advice had been received.

What does one do when their unsolicited smart ass taunts are reciprocated?  They dob – to the media.  And so what was a private interaction via Twitter DM became public.  This is despite Stoudemire sending a further DM later that day, apologising for his response.

Too late.  Deadspin was already onto the story.  As a result of the interaction going public, the NBA fined Stoudemire $50,000 for his inappropriate language.  Which may sound like a lot to most, but is the equivalent of one quarter of a game for Stoudemire.

Ironically, Stoudemire was recently chosen to take over the NBA’s official Twitter account to interact with fans.  No word yet on whether his actions have impacted on that appointment.

It begs the question – while his response wasn’t friendly, professional or appropriate – he was responding privately to an unsolicited, lame, taunting DM from a Follower.  It was carried out privately, not via public Tweets.  The fact that the recipient chose to go to the media was possibly foreseeable, granted.  But at what point does a celebrity get to speak freely – inappropriate or otherwise – without fear of exposure or retribution?

NBA star fined $50,000 for a Direct Message on Twitter

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