Microsoft Gets Social to Launch Office 365

Microsoft gets Blogging for a very Social and successful product launch

Microsoft has a plethora of products under its banner, and as such, manages any number of product releases in any given year.  Their advertising is prominent, and their PR people are highly experienced professionals.  After all, Microsoft can afford to pay for the best possible exposure when they release a new product.

Which is why it may surprise some people to know that they focused on Blogger’s for the launch of Office 365.

Microsoft determined that female business owners were a target for their new product, but instead of attempting to contact them directly via email or targeted advertising, they involved them in the actual product release process.

Penny Delgadillo, Senior Product Manager for Microsoft, admitted that it was a huge and innovative step for such a large organisation like Microsoft, who had never before launched a product in such a way, having normally stuck to traditional advertising and promotion methods.

And Microsoft should be very happy with their leap of faith.  In the first two months of the  “entirely social Office 365: Your Office, Your Terms” launch campaign, the site received 5.8 million impressions.  That’s four times more traffic received thanks to their Social Sharing campaign than they have seen in their usual product launch campaign strategy.

Thanks to Microsoft’s regular blog on, they were able to gather stories from female business owners and senior executives, and post them to the Microsoft blog, under the banner of an “Office 365 Blog”.  That’s some seriously high profile contributors, on a major site, for a world renowned brand.  An excellent example of some clever strategic Social Media marketing, right there.

The campaign revolved around a schedule, a calendar, that saw 30 stories published over a 60 day period.  The stories were predominantly from women in business (80 percent), and the remainder was written by Microsoft authors.

Posts weren’t restricted to Microsoft’s own blog, as it engaged with noted and respected external blogs, with posts on sites such as TechMamas and News On Women.

All of which was being shared on other Social platforms, via existing official Microsoft accounts, and where suitable, new accounts set up for the new product, including Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

The biggest success of the campaign : Over half of visitors to the site clicked the Try/Buy button.

How Microsoft leveraged Bloggers for a successful product launch

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