Marketers and Social Media

Marketers and Social Media

This article provides an insight into those in marketing.  While it includes details of their fondness for office hook ups, illicit substance use and abuse, it also provides some interesting stats and statements on Social Media, from a marketer’s perspective.

Marketing is an industry that has been profoundly affected by the rise of Social Media.

Gone are the days of advertising campaigns focussing solely on print and television.

Gone are the days of marketing campaigns that revolve around said commercials, an in-store celebrity appearance, and perhaps a giveaway.

These days, a good marketing campaign includes a Social Media strategy.  The best brand exposure is via word of mouth, and that’s where Social Media comes to the fore.  Many brands are now incorporating product launches, sales, promotions and contests into their Social Media.  Some are even shying away from traditional media outlets to focus almost solely on their online presence.

Nobody has had to adapt, learn and integrate into Social Media platforms more quickly or completely than Marketers.

Given the rise of Social Media as a marketing tool, it stands to reason that someone who works in advertising and marketing is twice as likely to be an active Twitter user, with more than 90% in the industry actively following Brands (as opposed to 33% of normal people).  The same can be said (to varying degrees) for Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+ and other Social Media platforms.

More than 60% of marketers strongly agree that companies need to put more importance, time and investment into their Social Media strategies.

Social Media is an instant communication tool that quite literally connects the globe.  Where else can a brand hope for such instant and comprehensive exposure and promotion

Marketers love Social Media more than booze, drugs and office affairs [infographic]

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