Lady Gaga to Launch Social Network Little Monsters

Lady Gaga goes Social with

Hear ye, hear ye, Little Monsters everywhere:

In the next step to total world domination, Lady Gaga is setting up her very own Social Network.

Now breath. will be dedicated to the superstar, so the fans can quite literally go gaga over Gaga.

Lady Gaga herself will even jump online from time to time to converse with her fans.  And as an investor in the company building the site, she is making sure it will reflect her own unique personal style.  Which could actually mean anything at all, really.

This article hints in a joking way about everyone having had enough of Gaga, except for Gaga herself.  But I’m fairly confident there are enough Gaga fans out there to fill user accounts with various Gaga referenced user names.

While the site is still in the testing phase, if you’re so inclined, you can jump online now and join the waiting list for when it goes live.

It’s amazing other celebrities haven’t tried this before.  Although, it takes some serious world-wide pulling power to have enough fans to populate such a network.

I want to know when Charlie Sheen’s going to start such a network for his amassed Goddesses and #winning devotees?  That’s one I’d be more interested in signing up for.

I swear, the day Justin Bieber does this, I am shutting down the internet.

Or Miley Cyrus or Mariah Carey.

Or any of the Jersey Shore cast.

Lady Gaga creating her own Social Network

In other news….

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