KLM ‘Meet and Seat’ Social Media Program Allows Passengers to Connect via LinkedIn, Facebook

KLM takes to the skies with Social Media innovation.

KLM’s new ‘Meet and Seat’ initiative has taken Social Media to the skies.

Now, when booking particular KLM long-haul flights, passengers have the option of including their Facebook and LinkedIn details.  That way, other passengers who have done the same, can check out their fellow travellers and decide if there’s someone they may want to sit next to.

It is as simple as logging in to your booking via KLM’s website My Booking option.  You then link or share your Facebook and/or LinkedIn details, and in doing so, you have access to view the details of other passengers on your flight who have chosen to do the same.

Passengers can still choose to remain anonymous and bypass the new ‘Meet and Seat’ program, and they will be allocated seating as normal.

KLM is no stranger to Social Media.  They were the first to make use of Foursquare, creating a “KLM Surprise” program for passengers who checked in for their flight via Foursquare.  The surprise being an occasional upgrade, travel bag, or gift.

While this new Social Media initiative is still in its infancy, KLM are to be commended for their creativity and innovation in trying to foster a more Social environment for their customers.

It could certainly save those awkward long-haul flights being stuck next to someone you have nothing in common with, or worse, a real chatty cat who is dying to divulge their life story while you just want to watch a movie and go to sleep.

Social Media in the sky : KLM ‘Meet and Seat’ program

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