The Importance of Customer Service Using Social Media

Customer Service in Social Media: Just as important as any promotion or campaign in influencing buyers

Social Media savvy customers make happy customers, and they also make for vocal brand advocates.

They’re also likely to spend more, and have significant influence over the purchase habits and preferences of their friends and followers.

While Social Media is fast becoming an advertising tool of choice, accounting for a large portion of many advertising campaign strategies, it’s also important to recognise Customer Service’s role in Social Media.

Specifically, it’s all well and good for a brand to run a killer Social Media campaign, and they will undoubtedly reap the rewards that such hype and exposure affords them.  It won’t be much use to them if an avid Tweeter finds they aren’t responding to their customer queries or complaints, and decides to Tweet about their experience.  And maybe take to Facebook where they have significantly greater characters with which to vent. And perhaps write a blog post about it for good measure.

American Express’ recent annual Global Customer Service Barometer survey found that (in the US) 83% of Social savvy customers who receive poor service will take to Social Media to complain, and in doing so, they will reach an average of 58 others.  This compares to 49% of customers without an online presence, whose complaints only reach an average of just 17 people.

Likewise, a happy Social savvy customer will take to Twitter, Facebook and the like to spread the word to an average of 42 others online.  This figure is much lower for customers without an online presence, whose positive feedback would reach an average of only 9 people.

The AmEx survey revealed 5 key reasons why customers rely on Social Media for support:

1. Assistance: Seeking a response from the company about a service issue (50%)

2. Positive Feedback: Praising a company for great service (48%)

3. Sharing information: Sharing information about a service experience with their audience (47%)

4. Negative Feedback: Venting about poor customer service (46%)

5. Spreading the word: Liaising with others about how to receive a better customer experience (43%)

So while Social Media is a key promotion, marketing and advertising strategy, it’s also critical for brands to place just as much importance on other areas of their online presence – specifically, Customer Service.

Without that focus, having a campaign that goes viral may be useless without adequate online support via Social Media to back it up and keep customers happy.

Social Media users spend 21% more on Brands that exceed Customer Service expectations [study]

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