How to Win Friends and Influence People on Facebook

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The Facebook friend economy: How to win friends and influence people on Facebook 

Nielsen’s NM Incite unit has released results of a survey of 1,865 Facebook users, detailing how to win and lose friends on the social networking site, and what we spend our time doing online.

Friend Request Accepted, and here’s why:

  • You know each other IRL  82%
  • Mutual friends  60%
  • Business networking  11%

De-friended, and here’s why:

  • Offensive comments  55%
  • Don’t know you that well  41%
  • Trying to sell something  39%
  • Depressing comments  23%
  • Lack of interaction  20%
  • Political comments  14%
  • Break-up / Divorce  11%

Why we’re online, and what we’re doing:

  • Contact with family and friends
  • Gaming
  • Following celebrities
  • Dating
  • Product research
  • Reading and providing product feedback
  • Business contacts
  • Job search

The survey provided no real surprises.  Although, I wonder how long it will take before Facebook Friends are addressed along with assets and custody arrangements in divorce proceedings?

While the survey relates to personal Facebook user accounts, much of the data can also be applied to Brand Pages.

How to gain and lose Facebook Friends : Infographic

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