How Much Social Media do you do in 24hrs? #SocialMedia

How Social Media do you do in 24 hours?

Two billion people can’t be wrong.  That’s how many users you’ll find on the net at any time.

And just what are they doing online on any given day?

  • 172 million are on Facebook for a total of 4.7 billion minutes, amassing 532 million status updates.  250 million photo’s are uploaded…wonder how many of those are then hastily removed in the cold light of ‘the morning after the night before’?
  • 40 million are on Twitter, churning out their status updates over there.  The power of the hash tag people!
  • 17 million are pinning away on Pinterest.  At some point, everything will have been pinned.  Then what, I ask you?
  • And when they have time between pinning and status updates, there’s also 22 million hours of Netflix viewing taking place.  For those not into cat video’s.
  • There are 2 million blog posts, for when it takes more than a status update to have your say.  That’s a lot of meme’s, link-up’s, guest posts, sponsored posts, and closet emo posts.
  • And if you’re more into the visual, there’s also 864,000 hours of footage uploaded to YouTube.  This stat will serve no purpose other than encouraging pet lovers, baby makers, and wannabe pop star tragics.  For that, I apologise.
  • The kicker : 294 BILLION emails are sent, just in case you had time to catch up after all that Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Netflix, YouTube and blogging.  Sadly, some would say irritatingly, over 260 billion of those emails are Spam.

We are indeed a Social lot.

It’s amazing we have any time for non-internet pursuits.  Although, thanks to Android’s and iPhone’s, we’re never far from our beloved and much relied upon internet services.

Social Media – all consuming, 24/7, more powerful than the Kardashian’s. Maybe.

What’s a typical day on the internet? [infographic]

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