A Guide to Pinterest for Business

 Pin to win – business, that is

Pinterest is undoubtedly hot, hot, hot.  Everyone’s using it.  Some, without a clue what they’re actually doing – they just know that everyone’s on it and so they want to be too.

Brands are even on there.  And they too, in some cases, just know they need to be there, but aren’t really sure how to harness the hype and work it to their brand’s advantage.

This article details 6 tips for how business can make the most out of the Pinning hype that’s taken over the Interverse.  Here are some of those tips:

Use original pictures to drive traffic

As evidenced by the Popular Section of Pinterest, the most Pinned images are original.  These one-off type images receive the most Pins, Likes and comments.

Ana White has a carpentry blog.  Heard of it?  Probably not.  But thanks to how she set up her Pinterest account to show her work, her blog now receives over 6,000 hits a day just from her Pinterest links.  That’s impressive traffic for a blog.

Pin other people’s content to build a wider following

Social Sharing – it’s a tried and true method of creating or extending your network on any platform.  The same applies to Pinterest.

Having the ability to create multiple boards means that you can even set up separate boards for different types of pins, without taking away from your own brand or images.

Host competitions

Pinterest allows competitions.  It has millions of members.  Draw them to your page and your brand by running competitions.  You know, exactly how you do on your other Social Media platforms.

Pin offers

Give them a reason to follow you on Pinterest.  Be it pinning unique special offers or creating a new board as a sneak preview of an upcoming product – offer them something that they can’t get elsewhere.

6 tips for using Pinterest for Business

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