How to make Facebook Timeline work for your brand

How to make Facebook Timeline work for your brand

As businesses settle in to the new Facebook Timeline and start to become accustomed to its workings, others are still scratching their heads and wondering how to best maximise the new layout to their brand’s benefit.

This article provides five tips on how to best utilise Facebook Timeline to your brand’s advantage.

Here are a few of the top tips

Adding interesting Milestones

This is particularly relevant for brands with a long history.  Timeline provides the perfect opportunity for established brands to provide their history in a creative and entertaining way. It’s an excellent tool for showcasing the growth and progression of a brand or specific product.  The visual nature means pages are free to be creative and entertaining, rather than relying on lots of text and data.

The article details two excellent examples of globally recognised brands utilising the Milestones functionality to their advantage.

Incorporating the Profile picture into your cover photo

While it’s obvious that your logo is essential, the profile picture and cover photo overlap at one point, so brands can be unsure exactly how/where to put their logo.  So why not get creative and merge the two?  While this may sound scarily technical, there is a link to a post detailing how this can be achieved.

It’s yet another way of capturing your target audience’s attention with impressive visuals.

Telling a story with photos

Images posted in Timeline appear larger on screen than they did in the previous layout.  Take advantage of this and let your images communicate your message.  Especially if your brand relies on the visual in any way (clothing, design etc.).  This is the perfect opportunity to place more emphasis on images rather than words.

Posting images to your albums also creates a post in your Timeline.  It’s a win-win in ensuring that your Timeline is also being updated regularly, and therefore staying at the top of your followers’ feeds.

5 ways businesses are using Facebook Timeline

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