Facebook Timeline: Good for Business

Facebook Timeline : Good for business

We’ve had some time to get used to the idea of Facebook Timeline, and personal users have gradually started to switch over to the new layout.  Business Pages, however, have been nothing if not nervous and somewhat apprehensive about implementing Timeline.

Why so apprehensive?

Many brands have built their Facebook Page around tabs that are being removed, or Apps as default landing pages, which is no longer possible.

Timeline revolves around stories and News Feeds, not static landing pages.  And as such, many Brands are in a panicked state about what their page will become, how useful it will be, and how customisable the new Timeline will be.

While Page owners are currently fretting, there are also a number of positives that they should be considering, especially from a marketing standpoint:

Greater engagement potential

Social Media for Brands is about engaging with customers and users.  What better way than via the new Timeline layout which promotes regular stories and status updates.  Timeline will also make more stories equally visible (unlike the old layout that pushed older stories and updates down as new ones were posted), so brands won’t have to choose which one item or story to highlight.

Marketing strategy shift from advertising to storytelling

Timeline promotes a definite shift from straight advertising and information based statements to storytelling.  Story telling is proven to be more engaging and more likely to catch the attention of customers and Fans than an advertorial type status update or straight out advertisement.  While it will require more thought, effort and creativity on the part of brands, the benefit will be that their Facebook Page is far more effective in engaging with their audience.

The numbers

Facebook claims News Feed posts perform between three and ten times better than other forms of Social Media advertising.  Timeline is geared specifically towards this.

Likewise, a News Feed recommendation has been shown to have engagement levels three to five times greater than that of current style News Feed posts.  Timeline promotes engagement with Fans.  Fans promote posts.  Promoted posts are highlighted to Fans and their friends.  Kind of like the Facebook Timeline Social Media life cycle.

So while Brands are currently apprehensive about the aesthetic changes that Facebook Timeline represents, they should be focussing on the marketing engagement opportunities Timeline will afford them.

Why Marketers should embrace Facebook’s new Timeline for brands

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