Don’t Tweet Bad Things About America Before Your Holiday to the US of A.

One Tweet = 5hrs questioning by US Homeland Security

Be careful running your mouth on Social Networking sites, even if it is with tongue firmly in cheek.  This is the lesson that was learnt the hard way by a couple of UK citizens as they tried to enter the US.

On arrival in Los Angeles, the duo were questioned for five hours and then locked up overnight, before being denied entry and sent home the following day.  All because of a couple of recent Tweets.

That’s right, 140 characters or less is all it takes to find yourself on the National Security radar.

The pair were flagged by the US Department of Homeland Security following Tweets stating they were going to “go and destroy America” and dig up Marilyn Monroe’s grave.

The Tweets themselves appear to be obvious and sarcastic jokes, not remotely serious.  Unfortunately for the two young tourists, Homeland Security has to take all threats seriously, and posting anything on the internet about your intent to “go and destroy America” will obviously be flagged by Homeland Security.

The US Government also last week announced its intention to create a program that automatically monitors the major social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, in an attempt to assist in crime prevention.

Be careful what you say, even in jest.  They’re watching, they’re listening, they’re everywhere.  And they don’t like Marilyn Monroe jokes.

British tourists detained, barred from US after tweet about “destroying America”

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  1. I’m sure they were joking but that will certainly get one noticed! Things have certainly changed in this world.

    – Dave


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