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Social Media as a career

So you’re a bit of a Social Media junkie, and you’re wondering how you could turn your obsession into an occupation?

This is the age of digital media, particularly, Social Media.  Companies are turning away from traditional big dollar advertising in favour of ramping up their online presence in order to maximise the influence and engagement that Social Media platforms provide.

Social Media Managers and Consultants have multiple career paths, including:

Social Media Management and Social Media Consulting

Since 2010 companies have increasingly outsourced this area.  As it has become a bigger part of their marketing strategies, brands have sought out experts to handle their Social Media presence. In 2010 65% of companies kept Social Media management in house, in 2011 that figure dropped to 54%.

Social Media Training

Whether it’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Google+, businesses large and small are always seeking to learn more about what Social Media can do for them.

Social Media Start-up

Small businesses particularly benefit from a Consultant style service that can come in and set up their online presence.  There are many businesses out there that are keen to engage with their audience on the various Social Media platforms, they simply don’t have the time or knowledge to get things started.

Facebook customisation and design

Whether it’s starting up an online selling facility, or customising a Facebook page.  There’s a lot that can be customised within Facebook, and businesses are turning to Social Media experts to do it for them.

Social Media is no longer something you do when you aren’t working or studying, it is now a legitimate and prosperous career path.

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