Coles being a twit on Twitter

Coles being a twit on Twitter

Coles has followed closely on the heels of McDonalds, Qantas and Coca Cola with their own Twitter faux pas.

Last night, Coles Tweeted “in my house it’s a crime not to buy….” and asked their followers to finish the sentence.

Cue a barrage of less-than-happy customers.

Responses ranged from supporting local producers and avoiding Coles, to using anyone other than Coles in order to boycott the supermarket chain for supporting mental illness via pokies.  Many mentioned Coles’ unfair pricing and the poor rates they pay to primary producers.

Coles was quickly on the case, themselves Tweeting “It’s a social media crime not to….finish a sentence yourself. Sorry guys that post was not meant for Twitter.”

Funny that, because it certainly seemed intended for Twitter.  Perhaps it just wasn’t very carefully thought out.  Perhaps Coles should’ve just put their hand up to their mistake, rather than attempting to back-pedal and claim they never intended to Tweet the question in the first place.

Another Tweep quick to poke fun at Coles was the faux @AlanJoyceCEO, who Tweeted “Now we know where @Qantas PR went for new employment.

Just another instance where, sometimes, even the big brands get it wrong.  And there’s always a vast audience watching and waiting, ready to ensure it doesn’t go unnoticed.  One thing is for certain – this is yet another example of why brands need a solid Social Media strategy, and experienced people managing their Social Media presence.

Coles Twitter campaign goes down, down gurgler

In other news….

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