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Twitter 101 : Apps to make you a Twitter Pro

Twitter is fast being recognised as a Social Media tool of choice for businesses to communicate and engage with customers, and reach future customers within their target audience.

That being said, it is also relatively new to the Marketing strategy of many companies, and as a result, it can be a struggle to manage your Twitter account, and adequately grasp the correct manner in which to optimise your Tweets (frequency, timing and wording, amongst other things).

Here are five Apps to help make that task a little easier.

Mr. Unfollower

Follow this account and you can receive weekly emails of who has unfollowed your account.  This can be invaluable in determining if your Twitter strategy is having the desired impact or turning existing and potential customers away.


This app will tell you when to Tweet, by determining when most of your Followers are online and actively using Twitter.


Queue and schedule Tweets in advance.  Excellent for reaching audiences in differing timezones.


Like Google Alerts for Twitter.  Set notification for anything from keywords, brand or product mentions, to competitor Tweets.

Manage Flitter

See who isn’t following you back.  While it’s not expected that everyone you follow will follow you back (and vice versa), this can help you clean up your account as your Followers and Following lists continue to grow.

There are a number of Twitter App’s out there.  These are just a few, recommended by one Twitter expert.

5 Apps to help you manage Twitter

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